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Throughout the month there will be Crafts, Sensory Bins, & Learning Activities taking place in our Activities Room here at Enchanted Playroom.

The Activities Room will be open from 10 AM - 1 PM on the following days:

(full description of each activity is down below)
- Tuesday March 28th … Construct a Rainbow
- Wednesday March 29th … Shape Matching
- Friday March 31st … Veggie Garden Sensory Bin
- Monday April 3rd … Easter Egg Rescue (9-11 AM is for 2 years old & under only)
- Tuesday April 4th … Pom Pom Easter Egg Craft
- Friday April 7th … Oats & Eggs Sensory Bin
- Monday April 10th … Puzzle Hunt (9-11 AM is for 2 years old & under only)
- Tuesday April 11th … Tulip Painting Craft
- Friday April 14th … Farm Sensory Bin
- Tuesday April 18th … Paint Dandelions - with Broccoli
- Wednesday April 19th … Crazy Hair
- Friday April 21st … Weather Sensory Bin
- Tuesday April 25th … Finger-paint a Rainbow
- Wednesday April 26th … Letter Learning with cars

There is no additional charge for these activities - they are included with regular admission ($12/$10 per sibling). Non-playing infants under 1 are free so do not include them in the "# of Children" when checking out.  

You will not receive a physical ticket for this activity - you will receive a payment confirmation e-mail. We'll have a list of names of all who have registered so you will not need to bring anything with you (except your socks - for all children & adults).

VISIT PUNCH PASSES & UNLIMITED PLAY PASSES can be used for these activities - so do NOT proceed to checkout. You can send us an e-mail or message us on Facebook to secure your spot.

Registering online is not required however space is limited so if you'd like secure a spot just click 'Add to Cart' and proceed to checkout. Walk-ins will be admitted only if space allows.

If you are unable to attend you will be issued a credit to be used for your next visit to the playroom.


- Tuesday March 28th … Construct a Rainbow
Construction paper & glue sticks will give your little one a fun way to practice fine motor skills and the end result will be a beautiful rainbow!

- Wednesday March 29th … Shape Matching
Your little one will get lots of FUN practice learning shapes AND colors in this fun activity

- Friday March 31st … Veggie Garden Sensory Bin
The kiddos are going to love planting and digging up lots of vegetables in this fun Veggie Garden Sensory Bin

- Monday April 3rd … Easter Egg Rescue
Plastic Easter Eggs will be trapped in a large bin and your little one will use different ways to try and get them out … this is great way to work on hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, and patience.

- Tuesday April 4th … Pom Pom Easter Egg Craft
Using glue sticks and a LOT of Pom Poms the kiddos will make a fun and festive Easter Egg - a great way to practice colors and fine motor skills.

- Friday April 7th ... Oats & Eggs Sensory Bin
This sensory bin will be full of oatmeal, plastic eggs and LOT of scoops and bowls - they will LOVE it!

- Monday April 10th … Puzzle Hunt
Kids like doing puzzles … but letting them dig out the pieces from different sensory bins will make them LOVE doing puzzles.

- Tuesday April 11th ... Tulip Painting Craft
Painting is fun … but how about we paint Tulips using FORKS!!!

- Friday April 14th … Farm Sensory Bin
Your little one will love this farm themed sensory bin full of animals, vegetables and soooo many ways to scoop, pour, count, and more.

- Tuesday April 18th … Paint Dandelions - with Broccoli
So if you thought painting a Tulip using forks sounded fun (see above) ... how about we paint dandelions using broccoli! This will be messy but so much fun!

- Wednesday April 19th … Crazy Hair
This one I'm having a hard time explaining but it will be a fun activity where the kiddos will practice color recognition and fine motor skills and making something silly & fun!

- Friday April 21st ... Weather Sensory Bin
This sensory bin will have many textures and will help them on color recognition and scooping - they will be learning and not even know it!

- Tuesday April 25th ... Fingerpaint a Rainbow
This one is exactly what it sounds like - they will get to paint a rainbow using their fingers

- Wednesday April 26th … Letter Learning with CARS
The activity room will be transformed - tables & chairs will be removed and the floor will be covered in cars!!! They will have a blast AND get a lot of letter recognition practice.